Binaural Beats On YouTube Can Be Dangerous! [Watch This]

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Did you know that Binaural Beats on YouTube might be doing you more harm than good

Here's a 2-minute video that explains why.

If you're somewhat of a technical person, you can read YouTube's own Engineer explain it here. 

Basically, Binaurals on YouTube don’t work simply because the highs and lows of audio frequency are stripped through encoding.

This is because YouTube is a company that needs to focus on delivering audio at the lowest size possible, which means cutting some corners when it comes to quality.

If you cannot get the full experience, then based on the research done in the video, they are only 22% as effective.

The entire purpose of binaurals is to take you from one state to another, and if the audio cannot deliver the frequencies as intended, it defeats the whole purpose of it being “Binaural Frequencies”.

Do the binaural on Youtube make your mind calm? Absolutely! Are they really binaural beats, that are backed by science? Hardly.

This is the actual Brainwave states chart. Notice how just a small frequency change can mean a completely different Brainwave state?

Take a moment and think...

Are the Theta beats or 142Hz binaural you're listening to on YouTube really as advertised?

Do these channels who pop-out a video a day focus on quality? 

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