The secrets to your subconscious mind revealed

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A science so effective, they had to ban it!

What's the one thing common in advertisements by big brands that you see on T.V every day? How do they exploit your subconscious mind to make you prefer their brand over something else?

The answer lies in the Secret Science of Subliminal Messages. 

What are Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal Messages refer to things that affect you subconsciously without you ever noticing them. The effects of Subliminal Messages are backed by 50 Years of Science and research papers.

A quick Google search will fill you with examples of Subliminal Messaging in modern advertisements by billion-dollar companies. 

It was abused so much and so often that the U.S Federal Communications Commission had to intervene and issued a Public Notice FCC 74–78, banning the use of subliminal messages. 

Subliminal messages in advertising are banned in every single first world country.

It didn't stop the advertisers though - the messages just became a lot subtler.

The timeline below will show you a small glimpse of Subliminal messages being used as far back as 1956:

Billionaires, Celebrities, and Politicians, What do they all have in common?

According to the Forbes article on our research and survey, a shocking number of them use Subliminal Messaging to condition their mind for top performance. 

Ever thought of how they can work tirelessly and still stay in top form? All this while you start getting tired in a few hours.

They just have access to a well-guarded secret only discussed amongst the elites.

Unwavering Focus, Confidence, and Motivation are just the starting point of what Subliminals can achieve in a single week!


Did you know you could use this exact same highly effective science to train your own mind right at home?


Subliminal messages can be used to reprogram your brain in a positive way, the way you want it to function. There are a total of 37 ways you could embed subliminal messages to your subconscious mind.

That is where we come in! We have perfected a single way - the auditory (hearing) after 10 years of research. This is the same delivery method the billion-dollar advertisers use, why? because it works the fastest.

Our proprietary method delivers subliminal messages directly to your subconscious brain. People who have used our subliminal generally start seeing positive changes in their behavior within the first week


Which positive changes can Subliminal Messages bring to my life?

Were you forced to settle? Did you always believe that there's a part of the story that hadn't been told to you? Do you often lay in bed at night and think, what if...?

Fear, Anxiety, Lack of Motivation & Laziness. The four crucial things our modules help eliminate from your life. These are generally the result of past experiences that lead to the brain locking certain productive elements that normally resolve these issues.

Using our propriety method, we have developed 5 modules over the years that tackle different problems. Just 5 high-quality modules after 10 years of research should tell you just how much we value quality over quantity.

If you're thinking that it's too late for you and If only you'd known about this sooner. Always remember:

It's never too late to start.
It's always too late to wait.



Since you've made it this far, here's a special little something just for you. 

Our Blog readers played a pivotal role in helping us share this science, this discount is just our way of thanking you. You will not find the discount anywhere on our website. The special discount can only be accessed by clicking the image below.




So here are our 5 Subliminal modules:

Focus: The ultimate productivity and studying module.

Focus is our best standalone module to date. As of writing this, Focus module has achieved a 97% rating from over 8000 customers!
Built for literally everyone, this module is all about focusing. Sounds a little crazy, right? You're always focused, aren't you? Why would you need help with focusing? Well, it's much less crazy than you think. Remember that project at work you just don't want to do? What about that college course you're struggling with? Remember how you procrastinate about anything productive? Be honest with yourself. We know you procrastinate - everyone does. That's just how humans are: lazy by nature. However, we can't really afford to be lazy with things that can potentially decide our life. So why don't we stimulate our brain to focus whenever we want it to? That is what this module is focused on teaching your brain. What will you learn in this module?
  • Faster learning, reading, fluency of information,
  • Better retention/memory,
  • Automatic usage of learning/memory techniques,
  • Uncovering of subconscious knowledge,
  • Removal of limitations hindering learning,
  • Physical brain and brain chemistry improvement,
  • General hormonal improvement,
  • Increased pattern recognition and intuitive usage of them,
  • Mentor manifestation,
  • Energetic facilitation of learning (aura and others),
  • Improved motivation and a general increase of love for learning,
  • Discipline and dedication,
  • Subconscious book reading,
  • And many more!

Kingmaker: Our Most Hard-Hitting Subliminal

Kingmaker is our bestseller, and it took us 9 months to perfect. But 98% rating from over 14000 customers really does put a smile on our faces, especially after releasing 4 versions of Kingmaker prior to creating this final version.
Who is a modern-day king? Is it someone who is calm as a monk, or perhaps someone who is extremely successful financially? Maybe it's someone who has the knowledge worthy of a genius or someone who is a truly fearless leader like the old kings you know from history books? How about someone who possesses all the above qualities? In case you didn't notice, our other modules teach you ALL these things. Does that make Kingmaker our most advanced module?
Yep! It's our most advanced and heavy module yet. It teaches you everything you need to become a modern King. Someone who can do what he wants, when he wants it. Someone with confidence, charm, and personality while also being ruthless when it comes to things he wants. This module will completely transform anyone who can listen to it for more than 2 weeks.
So obligatory WARNING: if this is your first time using a subliminal, this might be extremely hard for the first week. It will change so many things about you that even you will be surprised. BUT if you do stick through with it for more than 2 weeks, you will get lasting benefits that give you an edge over everyone else.

Boundless: Break your shackles and become Fearless

Behind every human being are ages of wisdom and struggles, ingrained through our ancestors' experience. Our ancestors faced situations most of us can't even fathom. So why is it that we have bound ourselves in our modern society, and forgotten what made our ancestors survive? The ability to make decisions even when they faced certain death, the primal instinct that told them the right decision in a split second, and the courage to act on that decision. Why have we gotten rid of this crucial survival trait, even though it's so necessary in the modern world where we have to make life-changing decisions virtually every day?
This is why we bring you Boundless, one of our core programs that focuses on letting YOU become FEARLESS, COURAGEOUS and DECISIVE. We all see people who seem larger than life; making perfect decisions and acting as a magnet for success. Think about what they all have in common... That's right, they are fearless, courageous and decisive. Theodore Roosevelt, the former U.S. President once said, "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." This statement should tell you that its almost always the fear of making a choice that is your true enemy, not either one of the decisions. This module will help you get a version of you that is fearless, courageous and decisive.
This module will teach you to:
  • Feel like a highly valued, powerful individual at every level of your being.
  • Develop an identity-level sense of deep, genuine, unshakeable self-confidence.
  • Become completely self-reliant: both mentally and emotionally.
  • Naturally generate an aura of charisma that resonates with others, compelling them to respect and admire you.
  • And more!
As always we have used our proprietary 8 step process to produce and perfect this module so you can safely rely on it no matter your age and gender (it is not recommended for people younger than 18 years to use this module due to the module targeting adults).

De-Stress: Clear your mind of worries and rebuild a NEW YOU.

One of our first modules focused on healing, repairing and calming your soul. The soul is defined in many ways by many religions, but they all refer to the same thing: the thing that helps you feel, the thing that makes you decide what is wrong or right, and the thing that hurts when you are sad. It's what makes us human. Some call it our heart, while some put a religious twist to it. Some even call it Chakras. According to us, it's the essence of you and how you feel about yourself. So when we talk about healing and repairing your soul, we refer to clearing any emotional baggages you are carrying, and helping you achieve happiness.
Calming is more akin to meditation where we help become one with your inner self and understand what drives you. This module is made for everyone and is focused on transitioning you into a calm and collected person that has made his/her peace with the past and is happily moving forward.
Note: it might be a bit hard for the first week for people with deep-rooted issues stemming from their past, but we suggest you work through it for the first week. This difficulty is caused by your brain having trouble tackling problems that are known to bring you pain, and it tries to avoid dealing with them. This is a perfectly human reaction, but once you get through the first week, you will notice that your head is not as heavy anymore and you are feeling more free that ever.

Tycoon: The Fearless Decision Maker. Acquire wealth and rise to social prominence.

Ever thought of starting your own business? Or climbing the corporate ladder? Do you want to be ruthless? If you don't, then this module is not for you. This module contains our extremely popular Boundless module and adds a completely new, equally sized business module. Why did we add our Boundless module? Because a person that works in modern-day business has to be fearless and decisive, and that is what the Boundless module, in combination with Tycoon, will help you become.
Note: this module is known to introduce core changes in your workplace behavior within 2 weeks that will shock your bosses and co-workers. You must ignore attempts by people to bring you back down when they see you changing into someone they know will be their boss in no time. Believe in yourself and don't give up. Within a month you will look back and see how much you have changed - for the better!

Wow! You've reached the end, you might've missed the special offer we made only to our blog readers. Here it is again! We might remove it in a few hours.

Our Blog readers played a pivotal role in helping us share this science, this discount is just our way of thanking you. You will not find the discount anywhere on our website. The special discount can only be accessed by clicking the image below.




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  • It all feels so natural. It wasn’t till this morning when I was heading up heading up the elevator to work that I realised just how much I’d changed in the last year.

    ✔️ Verified Customer Carl J.

  • I work in sports science field, I would recommend everyone to give this study a read:

    Plumbo, R. and Gillman, I. “Effects of Subliminal Activationon Competitive Performance.” (1984)

    They conducted a study on subliminals on athleticic performance and it did boost it. Really was an eye opener for me.

    ✔️ Verified Customer Robert G

  • There are various ways to talk with the subliminal via visual, auditory (via brainwave entrainment tech)….
    SpiritualBeats auditory Subliminals does work…..and u guys might also like to have a look at a book titled “Power of Subconscious Mind” by Dr Murphy.
    Powerful stuff

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