Customized Subliminal Made For You!

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Customized Subliminal Made For You!

After receiving huge demand we are now finally able to offer customers the ability to request there very own custom made subliminal.

Our Subliminal message writers will write a fully customized script just for you. It will be your own, we will never resell it or include it in other modules. 

Unlike other Subliminal shops that just stack modules to give you a false sense of listening to a customized module and charge pennies for it, SpiritualBeats takes 10 business days to complete your order. 

We follow the same 8 step rigorous process to produce this custom module. We deliver your order in both ultrasonic as well as a masked variant.

The idea to launch the custom subliminal was born following an ongoing demand from customers who wanted to take their personal development to the next level. In addition, many were looking for specific affirmations related to their problems and didn’t find these in our audio library.

Cost Justification:

The cost for these custom Subliminals are justified when you take into consideration the man-hours that go into producing one just for you.

Our writers usually take around 10 hours to go from a draft script to a completed version. The voice narration takes our team 3-4 hours to complete after retakes. The rest of the rigorous steps take our audio engineers upwards of 15-20 hours to finally produce two different versions of the script that have a perfect auditory level.

Please DO NOT ask for affirmations/suggestions used in the subliminal script. Subliminal is designed to bypass your logical thinking. If you already know the affirmations then listening to subliminal is just like repeating the affirmations.

After you order this module, one of our support staff will reach out to you via email and you will be given a form to fill based on which custom module you ordered.

Difference between 3 types of Custom Subliminal:

1. Basic Custom Variant ($1249): In this variant, we will write for you a short-form subliminal script and produce the audio in ultrasonic and masked (usually 20 minutes average).

2. Full Custom Variant ($1999): In this variant, we will write for you our normal length subliminal script and produce the audio in ultrasonic and masked (usually 50 minutes average). This length is something we have perfected and have used in all our other subliminal.

3. Above and Beyond Personalization ($4999):  In this variant, you have the ability to directly chat on Skype with our main writer for 30 minutes where you can discuss what change you'd like to see or what affirmation you need or mental blockage you'd want to get rid off. The affirmations will also be written by the same writer. 

Due to the nature of the custom order, we offer no money back after order has been placed. If you wish to try if subliminal work, you could order other modules first.


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