Listening to Subliminals

IMPORTANT GUIDE: How to listen to Subliminal safely!

When you unzip the product you've received via email, you will get an mp3 file 

It is advisable to listen to them only while wearing headphones/earphones on normal audible volume.

Don’t expose children—and especially babies—to subliminal audio. Also, some pets may exhibit signs of distress to the audio. If that’s the case, please discontinue exposure.

If you’re using a computer with standard stereo speakers, simply load the
program into your desired media player, set it to loop and just let it play. You can also
play the program from your mobile phone or use an external Bluetooth speaker.

We find that most of our customers simply play the program while sleeping and receive great results that way.

Bluetooth Speaker/ Wired Speakers which to choose?

Any speaker works just fine, usually the higher quality ones work better.