Safely Listening to Ultrasonic Subliminal

IMPORTANT GUIDE: How to listen to Ultrasonic Subliminal safely!

When you unzip the product you've received via email, you will get two files: Modulename - ultrasonic.mp3 and modulename-masked.mp3

For the masked version, it is advisable to listen to them only while wearing headphones/earphones on normal audible volume.

For Ultrasonic Subliminal, please read the guide below:

When you listen to the ultrasonic version, you'll hear silence and nothing else. 

Sound waves exist as variations of pressure in a medium such as air. They are created
by the vibration of an object, which causes the air surrounding it to vibrate. The
vibrating air then causes tiny hairs in the human ear to vibrate, which the brain
interprets as sound.
While the human ear can theoretically hear up to 20khz, most people generally stop
consciously perceiving the sound at around 16khz, but the brain still processes the
sound. Our subliminal programs reside in this range, allowing you to play them
anywhere at any time, maximizing your exposure time and enhancing your results.
You can easily see for yourself by using the free “FrequenSee” app—a frequency
analyzer available for both Android and iOS—used to take the following screenshots. When an ultrasonic subliminal program is playing, you’ll see the “peak” at the far right
of the screenshot.

When the subliminal is turned off, the 16khz to 20khz range will remain much more “flat.” Try it for yourself!

Here’s what you need to know about ultrasonic programs: even though you can’t hear
them, they’re actually very, very LOUD. Regardless, they’re generally safe if you listen
to them at a reasonable volume level. While listening on speakers, use Frequensee app to
determine the decibel level (db, left side).

Make sure to never play an ultrasonic program over -20 db.

If you’re going to use headphones, please be sure to turn it down to the lowest volume levels for your phone (25% or less). If you begin to experience tinnitus, stop using earbuds or headphones immediately and use speakers.

Don’t expose children—and especially babies—to ultrasonic audio. Also, some pets may exhibit signs of distress to ultrasonic audio. If that’s the case, please discontinue exposure.

If you’re using a computer with standard stereo speakers, simply load the
program into your desired media player, set it to loop and just let it play. You can also
play the program from your mobile phone or use an external Bluetooth speaker.

We find that most of our customers simply play the program while sleeping and receive great results that way.


Bluetooth Speaker/ Wired Speakers which to choose?

Any speaker, but it MUST have 20 kHz MINIMUM frequency to properly reproduce our subliminal programs. There is no exception to this fact.