Christian Subliminal Module Collection

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Christian Subliminal Module Collection

After years of work and support from Christians all over the world, we have finally completed our Christian Subliminal Module Collection. This collection module was made with guidance and help from Christian Scholars and Priests and only contains words directly from Jesus.

The pricing changes on what it costs for us to spread the message of Christ and if any profit is made, it will be given to the Church.

Christian Subliminal Module Collection contains the following modules:

Jesus Core 1 Subliminal Module: Our original module that was built on the most important teachings of Christ that all Christians should follow.

Jesus Core 2 Subliminal Module: An expansion of our original Jesus Core 1 Module that includes the teachings that could not become a part of Jesus Core 1.

Path To Heaven Subliminal Module: Includes the steps and tasks required to reach heaven as shared by Jesus to enlighten us.

Biblical Stories Subliminal Module: A collection of all important stories in the Bible.

Sin Protection Subliminal Module: Contains Christ's guidance on how to avoid the sins and remain faithful in the Lord.


Note: We are thankful to more than 200,000 Christians who have helped us spread the Lord's words through purchasing our Modules. We are happy to share that due to continuous support, the price has been dropped by a staggering 75% for all followers of Jesus. This is proof that our faith in the Lord has proven itself again. We hope that all faithful Christians would continue to support us in spreading his words.